Taste Of London Festival 2014 (A late post – oops!)

I toyed with the idea of not writing this post because I have taken so long to bloody do it; but then I realised it’s my blog and no one probably cares that this post is a little late…

So here we go: Taste Of London Festival 2014.

This year, myself and my equally as food obsessed housemate decided to actually buy tickets to Taste Of London Festival rather than talking about it. And what a excellent decision that was!

We booked the afternoon Saturday session (5:30pm – 9:30pm) but unfortunately didn’t arrive until just before 6pm because I was being silly and hungover and kept forgetting stuff every time we left the house. Duh. When we eventually arrived we jumped straight into our Sushi Masterclass with Inamo that we had pre booked (at an extra £15 each)

The class was really great…we were given enough of the ingredients and didn’t have to share any tools. We learnt a lot, the biggest thing for me being is that I can’t make sushi very well. My hands are too just big. I would definitely recommend booking a masterclass of some sort when you are there though as it’s cool to be taught by the experts at a fraction of the price.

My Sushi
We spent the rest of our time wondering around the different stalls, taking full (and polite) advantage of the free samples, talking to stall owners, buying a few dishes with our crowns and generally soaking up(in?) the atmosphere.

FYI the TOL currency is crowns; 1 Crown = £1 and dishes range from 3-5 crowns, wine is 4-6 crowns and cocktails are 6-10 crowns.

We took a trip to the KAMM & SONS cocktail bar and indulged in some 7 crown cocktail. I can’t remember the name of the cocktail (promise this was my first drink) but I’m pretty sure it had gin in (which is my favourite) and it came with an amazing yellow and white stripped straw. Man I love a good straw. Oh and it tasted nice and summery and stuff.

KAMM & SONSIgnore the faulty ‘S’ above on the end of KAMM…

I had a Chicken Massaman curry and rice from Suda Thai  and it was pretty special; bursting with flavour and the chicken literally fell apart. It was a great sized portion for only 5 crowns. It’s was so amazing that I’m now working out when I can take a visit to the actual restaurant!

I also grabbed some Vension Puff’s from Yauatcha – I’ve been to the restaurant before and it’s incredible and you’ll be pleased to know their offerings at TOL did not disappoint! Unfortunately I was FAR TOO FULL from all the free samples that I didn’t enjoy the puffs as much as I should have, but I still picked at the sweet Vension inside and it was be.a.u.t.i.ful.

There was a whole range of demonstrations and talks throughout the session – we kept getting too distracted by all of the fun stalls and their staff to actually make it to a talk in time.

They are a bit cheeky in the fact you can only books of crowns in multiples of 10 and you can’t exchange any unused crowns for cash at the end.

My personal highlights: 
1. KAMM & SONS cocktail bar, the waiter was really great fun and didn’t mind humouring us.
2. The free samples of EVERYTHING…gin, wine, sauces, crisps, popcorn, macaroons, vegetables, cake, starters, mains, deserts, literally EVERYTHING.
3. Being with a fellow foodie who wanted to learn and indulge, just like me.
4. Taste Of Thailand – every stall had such flavoursome and interesting dishes with amazing enthusiastic staff.
5. The handbook full of every little detail you need to know, which is FREE!

Reasons I’ll go back next year:
1. It’s amazing to be around other people who love food as much as you – it makes you feel less bonkers.
2. The quality of every stand – there wasn’t one product that looked unappealing/rubbish.
3.. The layout it really great; easy to navigate around and not too big.
4. Ticket cost versus what you get out of the session (it’s great value for money)
5. I love food (is that a good enough excuse).

I would totally recommend taking a visit next year – we had a brilliant evening! Thanks Taste Of London Festival  :)

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