LENT 2014

I thought it would be appropriate to share with you that for Lent ’14 I am going to give up….PROCESSED SUGAR.

Lent 2014

I am not religious or anything but my extreme lack of will power enjoys having a goal, something to work towards, so I like to adopt lent to try and better myself. I did this with my house mate two years ago and it was really, really, really tough. I honestly couldn’t get out of bed some days and I was in the worst moods…it’s scary what fake sugar can do to you. Housemate, however, didn’t slip back down the slippery sugar slope – and I did. Hence the reason I am here again to try and kick the habit.

Also, I will be giving up dairy – just cow stuff. I’m sure I have an intolerance so hopefully this will help me get to the bottom of it!

N.B. Processed sugar – I mean anything like crisps, chocolate, cake. I am allowing myself natural sugars (fruit & honey) and am also allowing myself 1 x item of a bake I do – for quality control reasons ; )